Thoughts on WWDC

I was one of the lucky few to get a golden ticket this morning, and I am very grateful for it but I am also saddened by the number of fellow developers who missed out. As I live in Australia I had to get up at 2:45am to be ready for 3am. I had seen all the calculations going round the Internet showing the projected sell out time to be anywhere from 0-3 minutes and so was feeling nervous but confident about my chances, surely it wouldn't be that hard to get a ticket would it? I didn't have any special tricks to boost my chances, all I did was set my clock to show seconds and sat pressing refresh over and over until the little "Buy Now" button showed up. I clicked through, filled out the form and then got the "Thank you, your order is being processed" email. Well that wasn't so hard! My phone then buzzed with messages from other friends asking if I got a ticket, I was shocked to find out they had all missed out. I then opened Twitter to and was amazed at the number of people that hadn't got a ticket.

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